“Kiso” is Japanese for “Foundation”.

KISO Capital’s investment approach focuses on companies that exhibit early revenue traction and solid business plans.


KISO Capital carefully selects Companies that meet stringent criteria to demonstrate solid growth potential.

Some Companies might fall through the cracks of the current funding ecosystem – they find their way to us.

We select outstanding Management Teams with a strong vision and a solid Business Model

Less dilutive Funding

Less dilutive funding prevents a business owner to give up a significant portion of equity or ownership to receive capital.

This approach offers a chance for unique companies to get off the ground, or, take the next leg up, on their journey to the top.

Criteria for a good fit

Companies that are more lightly funded by smaller or lesser-known equity sponsors are typically a good fit with us.

Boot-strapped and/or Angel Funded Entrepreneurs, as well as more ethnically diverse companies, are welcome.