Suggested Concept

  • Use a Starter Template for the Public Content (Pages)
  • Password protect Subpages designated to a particular population

PPWP – Password Protect Pages

Starter Templates


Starter Templates – recommendation: Pick one of the one’s listed below, preferably a “Pro”

When browsing through starter templates, focus simply on overall look-and-feel (lay-out, colors, etc. ) and disregard the imagery and content – it will be replaced by the content you provide. It would be nice if we had some imagery in the template that would be usable, but unfortunately the starter templates didn’t offer much for the financial industry. The “get.income” template could work, I do like that one.

Free: Course | Digital Course |
Pro: get.income | Roofing | Municipality | Builder | Life Coach

All templates feature much more than what we have content for at this time
– no worries, we can simply remove it as we go along.

I’ll show you a few, and if you don’t like any, we have other options, including sticking with the old site and just adding on to it, no problem.

PowerPoint to WordPress

How To Embed PowerPoint Slides In WordPress Using EmbedPress


Another very interesting route is using Smart Slider Pro – I love the software author and find this could provide a terrific new landing page for a situation where we won’t have much text content to start with. If you have a  bit of time, check out this 10 minute video Top  10 animations, it may surprise you how cool this looks, and consider that many aspects of each slide can be tweaked and adapted to your brand (using your images and content) – if you give me a bit of time, I can show you what I mean.

Next Steps

  • Get a feel as to whether one of the suggested templates could work
  • If none appeals, no worries, we’ll build it from scratch with whatever we have
  • We’ll use content from the slide deck – and/or display the slide deck “as is” as well